Sunday, August 5, 2012

Illustrator Practice

So I'm currently learning Adobe Illustrator. I've been reading tutorials for the past few days, and I'm liking it very very much! Yes I know, I'm super behind. I had no idea how perfectly convenient and powerful and versatile Illustrator is. I've only ever used Photoshop. Everything I wanted to do I can now in Illustrator, with so much more ease. :)

I'm trying out some tutorials in Nicole's Classes. This one's on creating grid style art boards. I've always wondered how bloggers made theirs. I tried making one. (See previous blog) It didn't quite turn out that well. :P

I redid it based on this tutorial and there you have it :-) It's not that neat, but it'll have to do for now. I can't get the sizing right, though. I might have made the original image bigger that needed.   

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