Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY Bow Pillow

I'm loving this pretty bow pillow form Ariadne at Home.

Below are the instructions in english. (Thank you Google Translate!) Will def make time to make this. :-)

The feminine form of the bow fits perfectly in the BB-pane. And is very simple to make.


0.80 m plaid fabric camellia Elmore 7460/49, 137 cm wide (Romo, 030-605 32 18,; fiberfill (haberdashery business); rectangular pillow 40 × 60 cm Fjädrar € 3.99 (Ikea Netherlands BV, Ikea. en).

How to make the Bardotstrik:

Cut out the fabric for the cushion cover 1 piece of 42 × 124 cm, for the band 1 piece of 32 × 58 cm and the mesh strip 1 piece of 32 × 72 cm.

Cut out the fiberfill for tie strip 1 piece of 32 × 72 cm.

Fold the cloth for the cushion cover double, so it's 42 × 62 cm. Stitch the short side with 2 inch seam, but leave a piece in the middle, and later open to reverse the pillow. Fold the seam towards the middle and stitch the long side with 1 cm seam. Turn the cover. Put the pillow in it and sew the opening closed.

Fold the band for the double, so he's 16 × 58 cm is. Stitch the long side with 1 cm seam and once the band. Stitch the ends with 1 cm seam together and once the seam on the inside.

Place the fiberfill-rag on the checkered cloth for tie strip and incorporate more layers as 1 layer. Fold the double, so he's 16 × 72 cm is. Stitch the short ends oblique, 45 degree angle, leaving the inclined lines are parallel to each other. Cut the excess fabric to 1 inch from the stitching. Stitch the long side close but leaves it open for a lot of times. Turn the assembly and sew the opening closed.

Fold the ribbon strip in half, so that the oblique lines aligned arrive. Stitch the strap just below the fold through all layers, so the tire can be pushed to the pillow and ribbon strip hangs underneath.

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