Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blogging Exercise

It's 6:31 in the morning here on my side of the globe. A cloudy Sunday. I set my alarm to 7:30, but alas, my body is so used to waking up early it didn't wait for the alarm anymore. I have washed, brushed, and showered, and am sitting in front of my laptop with a glass of water, on my desk full of things. I'm pretty used to working on a table full of clutter; I won't bother clearing up when I don't feel like it.

This will be my second post since taking Susannah's blogging class. Right now, I'm feeling a bit of the writer's block, really. I'm not actually sure what I'm writing about. I'm just typing words off the top of my head. Which, I believe, is a good start. I'm 2 weeks into the course, and I am enjoying it so far. I've been going ooooh and ahhhh each time I finish reading a lesson. I've been blogging on and off for almost 3 years now, yet, I've never felt like I've connected with my blog. Blogging is supposed to be a happy activity, something to look forward to do doing. It is at times. But there are also many times that it feels more of a chore, because I feel I would have to come up with something clever to say whenever I blog. I don't have many readers. I've only had 1 follower, and 3 comments ever on my blog. And that 1 follower and 3 comments mean the world to me already! I hope to gather more of course, and to be able to connect with other people as well.

It's comforting to see that there are plenty others like me out there. My classmates are also, somehow struggling with their blogs. I haven't had much time to interact with them on Facebook. I've been pretty busy lately, and frankly, I'm still catching up with this week's lessons. I'm currently taking 2 online courses -- Susannah's and another from Nicole's Classes. But it's all good, I like busy. I'm happiest when I'm taking my classes. It makes me feel like I am improving my creativity, which I certainly hope I am. :-)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jason Mraz LIVE in Manila, May 14, 2013

Easily the biggest highlight of my entire life! The moment I saw Jason Mraz walk on stage -- in his cool, casual manner,  his wide, familiar grin, and his signature fedora hat, I just started screaming! I couldn't believe that I was actually seeing him in the flesh. He looked exactly the same on TV. But even better of course :) Even through the entire concert! I would watch him on the big screen for a better view, and then my eyes would land on his person on the stage, and I would just pinch myself.

I am a huge huge Jason Mraz fan. I just love him -- his music, his attitude, his love for life, his love for all things, his advocacies, his lifestyle, his personality, everything! He is incredibly down-to-earth. The way he communicated with everyone in the audience was just heart-warming. He spoke to us as if we were his friends. He repeatedly introduced the members of his band, and gave them plenty of time to do solos and exhibitions and what-not. It was beautiful to see an international star appreciate his team so much. And his performance? It was just out of this world!

I have never really been to many concerts in my life. I find them way too expensive, and they were never really my thing. I think I've been to only 2 -- the Moffats when I was 12, and Bond when I was 20. I can't really tell how Jason's concerts compare with others. But this much I can say, the energy was amazing. I can tell how much fun he was having onstage, just how much passion he had, not just for his music and performance, but for making his music heard. It was just an incredible inspiration for me. Two days after the concert and I was still hungover. The best experience in the world!

Friday, May 17, 2013


I've been to Boracay a few times in my life, but never on May 1st, where they say the parties are out of this world! As much as I love to party, I've never felt inclined to go. And the thought of a crowded beach, (because it WILL be crowded on May) tuned me off instantly! That was until this year. For some reason, I wanted to go. Maybe because of the age thing. I figured I wasn't getting any younger, why not try everything out now! So.. I packed my bags (and bikinis) and headed out to Bora with my lovely cousins.

And I was pleasantly surprised :)

The party scene in Boracay on Labor Day weekend did not disappoint! What with happy hour starting at 2pm, eye candy patrolling its shores ALL the time, and Bora's blood-pumping, skin-tight, beer-raining beach parties, who wouldn't enjoy? It leaves you wanting more! By the time I got back, I was already considering returning the next year!

Plus, I met a bunch of new people, met new friends, and reunited with old ones. I certainly found a lot of them there!

So there you go. Laboracay. I highly recommend it. Everyone should experience it at least once in their lives!

My May

This is a late post. It's a busy month again for me. Which suits me just fine. I like busy, especially when I'm busy with fun and the stuff I enjoy.

So here's what's up with me this May:

1. Labor day weekend in Boracay

2. Jason Mraz LIVE in Mnaila

3. Design for Web 101 by Nicole's Classes

4. Blogging from the Heart by Susannah Conway

5. My sister's first week in college, which means another longer trip to Manila to keep her company!

6. Plus everything else in between..

So much to do, so little time. :)