Monday, July 23, 2012

What if's

Divorce is as common a word as love nowadays.

In other parts of the world, anyway.

Here in the Philippines, though (and in other Asian countries), it's not so common. But separation is. The Catholic Church strongly and proudly denounces divorce with every ounce of authority it possesses [and imposes]. However, it cannot stop couples, who aren't getting along, from splitting up  and going their own ways. Divorce is, after all, only the legal aspect.

People are a lot more open-mined today. Divorce and separating aren't anything new. But to me, they kind of still are. I guess if you belong to a close family, those words would seem strange. I often hear  stories from friends, distant acquaintances, and even our staff about married couples separating. These stories are common, but they always surprise me. Even my cousin and her family talk about this all the time. Her parents always talked to her about these 'what if's' over dinner, and I found that a bit weird, and funny. I thought that that was the last thing my family would ever talk about at the dinner table!

Then came a time my mom actually brought up the subject. It surprised me a little, but I didn't let it bother me. As far as I could tell, she and my dad were getting along quite alright. Then these talks became more frequent, and that started to really get at me.

Is that what marriage does? It invites these awful ideas? I can understand some I guess, about where these words might be coming from. All those years of marriage are bound to leave some hurts and problems. It's normal I guess to feel tired from a relationship. But to get too tired to leave it all?

It's frightening. It scares me to think about my own future. I'm bound to get married somewhere in the future. Will I experience the same pains that would lead me to think about abandoning my better half?

I hope not.

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