Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Watercolor Studies

It's been a while since I've had painting lessons. My teacher, his name is Edgar. He's a professional artist, he has sold plenty of paintings nationwide, and has won many a number of competitions. He's a realist. His paintings look really laborious, and he tried to teach me that kind of thing. I'm more into, what do you call it, contemporary and pop art (?) and that sort. He humors me anyway and lets me have my way. He taught me everything I know about watercolor, the basics and all that. I'm no expert yet, but I've certainly improved a lot under his tutelage. I've been taking lessons from him on and off since college. Now, I've taken quite a few art classes all through my younger years. None of them helped me, not even a bit. They were the types that ended as fast as they started. The teachers just left you to do your own thing, and at the end of the class, came back to add finishing touches without even saying a word. Useless, really. Edgar's lessons lasted 3 hours, wherein we work on a painting together, from start to finish. I don't have a fixed schedule, I just call him whenever I'm free, which is about 1-3x a month, not very often really. It's a one-on-one class, so I really get a great hands-on learning experience every time. I should really give him a call again sometime this month :)

Here's one he did himself. In 20 minutes.

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