Thursday, April 18, 2013

Taipei Day 2 - Highlights

Young He soya breakfast.
This place is pretty popular. It's found in Daan, about 5 minutes walk from Daan station. Serving size here is quite big (for me anyway). You might want to share if you're not big eaters. They're known for their soy milk, but the other stuff on the menu is good, too. Try their mi xiang and rice rolls!

Sun Yat Sen memorial Hall

Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.

Student art along the subway.

Late lunch at Taipei Main Station. Truth be told, food in the station's fastfood restaurants aren't all that good. We've tried a couple of them, the food outside is way better.

 This one is good though. Also inside the main station. Inpo Pudding.

Beitou area -- famous for its hot springs. We had wanted to see the Beitou Thermal Valley, but we arrived late. It closes at 5pm, so come earlier to catch it.


Shilin Night Market.
They say that there are actually 2 separate markets-- one for shopping and one for food. We only made it to the shopping area. We did find a food alley, though. There's a sign somewhere along the shopping street that will lead you to the alley down below. You'll find plenty of Taiwan's local delicacies and street food there. Stinky tofu, oyster cake, bitter gourd juice, beef noodles, and of course, fried chicken! I remember very little about my last trip to Taiwan. But if there's one thing I remember, it's that large, salty, crispy, straight-from-the-grill, hot, fried chicken!

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