Saturday, April 27, 2013

Taipei Day 4 - Highlights

First up, Yehliu Geopark. Yehliu appears to be an old fishing town.
The Geopark is just about 10 mins walk from where the bus stop. Follow the tourist buses if you're unsure. It was raining quite hard that day. It was rather difficult to appreciate the scenery with the rain pelting down my back and the wind whipping my hair (and hood of my jacket) all over the place. And the place was packed with tourists. It wasn't the best of days but I held my own. It's a beautiful place nonetheless. Definitely worth going to.

Lunch was shabu shabu in 7/11. Yes, they're 7/11's have that. How cool is that! They're good, too!

After Yehliu, we walked back to where we got off previously, and on the opposite side, got on a bus to Keelung. We passed by a busy food market on the way to the next bus stop. We never got to eat there, though. Which was a shame. There was just so much food, so yummy-looking things to try!

From Keelung, we hopped off Jinguashi, an old gold mining town. When you're there, have some warm taho in delicious ginger soup. :)

We then got on a bus again to Jiufen. It's a lovely place, and very lively! Lot's of food and little souvenir shops. There's plenty to see and eat here at Jiufen :)

We had dinner in one of the noodle shops along the old street. The restaurant is called Hey-Song. The beef noodle soup was excellent! And I just love the ice cream wrap right outside of the restaurant! At first my family and I, we thought it was fresh lumpia, like the ones we make at home, but with meat balls! Chinese fresh lumpia is like a DIY wrap. You prepare the ingredients -- wrapper, veggies, lettuce, sliced scrambled eggs, and ground peanuts with sugar -- and then make the wrap yourself.  We were wrong, the white round things that we thought were meatballs turned out to be vanilla ice cream. Great tasting all the same!

A box of whaaat?
Just had to post this. A box of fuzzy cats!

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