Saturday, January 19, 2013

Handmade gift cards

Here's an idea. Create personalized gift cards from scraps of hard paper and cardboard. We always have plenty of those lying around the house -- from 2 year old invitations to white make up boxes to those pieces of cardboard included in the packaging of store-bought clothes. There's so much material it's a shame to not put 'em to use!

All you have yo do is cut out a business card-sized rectangle (or any size you wish) and draw a pretty design on the clean side of the card. The back won't matter. You're gonna tape it on you're present anyway. Write to: and from: and you're all done!

I made these for last Christmas. (This is kind of a late post actually) And they took about 3 minutes each to make!

Not very artistic? No problem. Cut out bits of design from scraps of gift wrappers or old greeting cards and stick them on the card. Quick and simple. With this, you're recycling, saving on money, and clearing out your home, all at once! :-)
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