Sunday, November 4, 2012


Watched the ruggedly handsome Daniel Craig in Skyfall the other day. Another great James Bond movie! 

And this..

is what I wore! 

My outfit isn't even remotely interesting. It's pretty much what I wear everyday. I just see fashion bloggers make something like this all the time, I wanted to give it a try :) 

I also wanted to try out my new Touch markers! I only bought a few colors so I had to use my Faber-Castells for the others. Touch colors are bright and lovely, but they bleed through the page, which was kind of disappointing. The Faber-Castells don't. I tried out my new Masquepen, too. I used it on the polka-dots. Works real nice. I think I might need to practice with it a few more times, though. 

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