Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Milk tea, anyone?

We've got 6 large pitchers of the yummiest milk tea in the fridge -- courtesy of the Brew-Kus team! (Brew-Kus bosses more like) That should make at least 20 cups of absolutely FREE milk tea. Oh yeah. Come and have yourself a some! I've been drinking this stuff since Saturday. Who knows how much weight I'll gain by the end of the week.

And, in honor of the successful tea tasting survey and focus group discussion (FGD for short. *ahem ahem*) held yesterday at our hotel, I made these little lovelies!
Coffee, tea or me? 
I've been playing with this idea in my mind for the longest time. It was about time I got it out! So here it is, a pattern on coffee cups and teacups. :)
Someday, when I do manage (or own even!) a milk tea business, I shall have this printed and hung on my little milk tea shop.

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