Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jason Mraz LIVE in Manila, May 14, 2013

Easily the biggest highlight of my entire life! The moment I saw Jason Mraz walk on stage -- in his cool, casual manner,  his wide, familiar grin, and his signature fedora hat, I just started screaming! I couldn't believe that I was actually seeing him in the flesh. He looked exactly the same on TV. But even better of course :) Even through the entire concert! I would watch him on the big screen for a better view, and then my eyes would land on his person on the stage, and I would just pinch myself.

I am a huge huge Jason Mraz fan. I just love him -- his music, his attitude, his love for life, his love for all things, his advocacies, his lifestyle, his personality, everything! He is incredibly down-to-earth. The way he communicated with everyone in the audience was just heart-warming. He spoke to us as if we were his friends. He repeatedly introduced the members of his band, and gave them plenty of time to do solos and exhibitions and what-not. It was beautiful to see an international star appreciate his team so much. And his performance? It was just out of this world!

I have never really been to many concerts in my life. I find them way too expensive, and they were never really my thing. I think I've been to only 2 -- the Moffats when I was 12, and Bond when I was 20. I can't really tell how Jason's concerts compare with others. But this much I can say, the energy was amazing. I can tell how much fun he was having onstage, just how much passion he had, not just for his music and performance, but for making his music heard. It was just an incredible inspiration for me. Two days after the concert and I was still hungover. The best experience in the world!

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