Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Drunk with Coffee

I think I might have drank too much coffee.

I felt dizzy and lightheaded. I thought it was because of lack of sleep. I didn't sleep after my night shift because I wanted to paint. And paint I did -- after drinking 2 cups of coffee (labeled EXTRA BOLD) to keep me awake.

But right after I painted this,

..I felt nauseated.

My hands were shaking, I was getting a headache, and a storm was brewing in my stomach. I felt bloated. I felt like there was too much acid in my tummy.

I tried to throw up, but nothing came out. I tried to sleep it off, but with all that caffeine, well, that obviously didn't work.

I felt hungover!

Note to self : Never drink more than one cup of coffee two hours apart or less, especially the EXTRA BOLD ones. 

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