Sunday, March 10, 2013

Creating an Identity

If you've noticed, I haven't posted much last February, and this is the reason why. I've been taking logo design classes from Nicole's Classes.

And these.. are the fruits of my labor.

the LOGO and its variations:


a banner - just to let the client see how else she can use the elements I've designed for her.

(The pattern is sketchy, I know, I haven't finished working on that yet)

business cards:

Now I say labor because there was just so much work involved! As a designer, you didn't JUST design the logo, you had to create a whole IDENTITY, and infuse some personality, some life into it. It's a 4 week long class and it was enough to keep me off blogger for a while. In those 4 weeks, I practically wrung my brains out. Logo design is hard! But it was good brain exercise. And I had loads of fun. It's a good way to bring out your creativity, it helps you to think outside the box. This is for a real client, by the way. It's for an online shopping site called GOZAARS. My teacher liked it and so did my client (thankfully) and I'm hoping to see it live and in action once she launches her site :)

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