Monday, December 31, 2012

Good-bye 2012

It's been a busy year-end! Things have been happening left and right, good and sadly, bad too. We've had our fair share of dilemmas and accidents and hospital trips, and all in the last two weeks of december! I guess this is a lot better than the end of the world, right? 

Despite the recent misfortunes, the frantic work schedules, and rather distressing year-end activities, we were able to squeeze in some merry-making, family get-togethers, and good ol' holiday cheer! Our family Christmas dinners were still in full swing, and everyone soaked in all the merriment as best as they can! Not even a rough ending like this year's is going to dampen our spirits. Frankly speaking, we've had worse (as in last year's Sendong). 

I have high hopes for a better new year. The last bits of negativity and bad luck have come out and are going away along with the old year. It's time for fresh beginnings, new opportunities, and grander dreams. Cheers to a glorious new year!

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