Saturday, October 20, 2012

Little Feet

I have the smallest feet! Looking for shoes that fit is like a chore. I love shopping and I love shoes, but shopping for shoes? It's just the hardest thing in the world! I gave up on heels at one point. They're the hardest to find for me. I stuck with flats -- open sandals and flip flops mostly. I couldn't even werar ballet flats and Mary Janes; they'd just slip off my feet! But then, considering how petite I am (I shan't say small), I need heels! So now, whenever I find a pair that I can comfortably walk in without my feet slipping (see? I can't even say 'fit'), I buy 'em right away. I once bought 2 pairs from Crocs at one time. A pair of Crocs shoes aren't exactly cheap, not for me anyway. Two of them is downright expensive! But under my circumstances, I had to make an exception. And I'm glad I bought them, because they're worth every cent. :)

I wonder how other girls with my shoe size survive?

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